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Baby Steps

September 1, 2011

When I began my book Upper King Street, it seemed like everything was a struggle. I have my skillset, I’ve written and journaled off and on all of my life, why was it so difficult? As I continued to write and write at night and on the weekends I realized I had lost confidence in my voice. No, not the one that sings loudly off – key to Ingrid Michaelson or the Fine Young Cannibals. I had lost my written voice and I was terrified. What if someone would make fun of me. What if I didn’t finish “the book”. What if I just wrote 300 pages of ‘ick” or “yuck”. I perservered and my friends, family and co-workers cheered me on. Then it was finished. I sat on my hands willing it to be miraculously published and I called agents and went to workshops and one day my favorite Uncle said. “Just self-publish. John Grisham did it with his first book.” Wow. I love John Grisham’s books and adore “Skipping Christmas” and ‘Playing for Pizza.” So I did it. Now on to marketing. More anxious behaviour and there it is. So today, on a glorious blue skyed cool Charleston day I read my e-mail. Two media types are interested. I’m not scared to death anymore because people like it, the book that is! It’s a matter of selling it. I can do this!

Right now I’m focusing on my love for Winnie my Airewoof Terrier, my family and friends. When it is right; love will come to me and I will be ready. I can only say that this year has been filled with great joy and some pain and that is life. So through meditation this evening I thanked all those that love me.

I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t toured the world. Just Europe. When I fall in love with a city I fall in love again and again. Some people like their town, but don’t always love it. Charleston is the quintessential European town plopped down in a most picturesque landscape and is my home. Here I live and breathe the beauty of the architecture with its glorious churches with bells that clang daily and its exquisite houses, mansions ans gardens. Each day I leave my quaint 1940’s cottage and go to work at a beautiful Ante-bellum house; the Aiken-Rhett House or other days I can be found at the Russell House. I leave beauty to venture and seek beauty and the I come home again to my little darling house and to Winnie and when she runs – she’s so fast, her paws turn into wheels!


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  1. Blake permalink

    You just continue to amaze me! I miss you! Xoxoxo

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