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Getting Centered

September 4, 2011


A year ago I took a meditation class that changed my life. I never thought I could meditate as all of my life I have been considered just a wee bit hyper. Besides I had found Eat, Pray, Love  a self-indulgent narrative that I never finished at that time in my life and she was always talking about meditation.  My friend Anne Marie  gently nudged me and told me that it would benefit me. To tell the truth she is very rarely wrong so I took her sage advice andsigned up.  I learned to be still and listen. It wsn’t always easy, but the quiet of the room was nice and I learned to let go of the racing thoughts in my mind.

It isn’t always easy as my ego fights me many days. “Smug” as I call her will say you meditated yesterday, you can take a day off. “Smug” gets me into trouble and I have to say to her sit and stay at bay. After one class I spoke with one of the other students that I had grown to admire. She and I talked about the benefits of the class. We listened more and both had felt the calming effects of meditation. She told me too that all of her life she could read people but she had been recently blocked.  She enrolled in the class to unblock this skill of hers and it was working. She specifically said “I read people, I’m a people reader.” For whatever reason that sentence has stayed with me. I am not sure if I want to read people although it would be helpful, I’m sure.

I finished Eat, Pray, Love halfway through the course and I enjoyed it; sometimes I felt the author’s pain so clearly. I realized later why I had not finished it earlier. Elizabeth Gilbert’s words  just hit  too close to home.  I know that “Smug” will continue to raise her ugly head, yet with this new tool in my toolbox, I’ll be able to quiet her by being still.


Winnie. The love that dogs have for people is unconditional – we all know that. My Airedale, Winnie is the star in  my night sky. She is hilarious to watch with her clownish antics. She is always dear to everyone, especially me and most dogs.  Through Winnie I have met some great new friends at the dog park. Dominque and her husband are two of those people. Dominque is beautiful and has a kind and getle nature. Nicholas, a carpenter is a delight to talk to and yesterday evening we were talking and I realized something about myself. I listened and heard what he was saying. I didn’t jump in and add my own commentary.  I have grown since last year.


I try to find something to make me happy each day. A simple joy was finding a favorite missing shoe that had somehow gone missing under my bed. It lay hidden behind the bins of winter shoes tucked upside down near the wall.  Then later as sunset began to claim the night the most beautiful shades of color filled the sky. The shades were a mixture of blues, grays, yellows and umbers. In my head I imagined that the Magdalene painted it all and I was filled with a mixture awe and wonder.


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  1. Nicola permalink

    Sunsets are so beautiful right now, I’m catching the end of them as I’m leaving work, the pink especially against the grey last week was lovely 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for liking it!

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