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October 29, 2011


Each day I have promised myself to be grateful for things in my life. This  past week I was having trouble with that for whatever reason. Maybe there is so much bad news on the radio and far too much criticism that I was allowing my inner joyful spirit to be blocked.  Then there was the annoyance of renting the apartment above me. I really like my current tenant and it is always a concern, ok a worry, if I will select the right person as this is a tight space.   

No it doesn’t have a washer or dryer nor a dishwasher and yes the closet is small. It is a simple 1940’s attic apartment that I think of as a treehouse. As I showed it to several people I realized I needed to be so grateful. First I own my house and second that the rental allows me to meet new people who help pay my mortgage. I met a chef, a college student, a graphic designer and a lady who could barely manage this steps. What I took away from it all is that here were people sharing with me their stories, their dreams and aspirations. They all made me smile and made me realize that I too have become self-absorbed. How did I let that happen. Nevermind, it just did and I am thankful for the new introspection.


The apartment is small which I call charming in the ads that I post. I also call it the love nest as so many of my tenants have found love while living there. There is a little bit of magic that I feel when I think about that.


Today is Saturday and I will cheerfully clean my house and sift through all things that need to be done. The rain has taken care of the yard work; I will postpone the weeding and mowing for another day. As I sip my coffee I realize many things. I am grateful for this past week, for the busy work week and I am thankful for the constant camraderie of the people and dogs at the dog park. I am also grateful for being inspired by my muse. Somehow with all the craziness I was able to write three pages on the new book and I see Abigail’s character clearer than I did before. There is something beautiful about sorting out the lives of my characters. I can send them anywhere I want and dress them as I like until they start writing themselves. What joy!


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  1. What a great theme you’ve chosen for your blog, Valerie. I look forward to following this as it unfolds.

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