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Happy, Happy, Merry Merry!

December 3, 2011


We’re headed for Christmas which is not a complicated holiday, simply an emotional one. We know the story and for those of us as Christians this is the time to put all differences aside. This is the one month that we should be embracing love, happiness and light. We should forgive the perceived slights, petty jealousies and just the junk that happened this year. We are all human and, yup, we make mistakes. It’s so very easy to hold on to what someone said, what someone did, etc. Truly it’s our perception and yes their tone that drives us to come to December and not embrace the love, the gratitude and the amount of FREE happy music availabe through concerts. Anyone wishing to dance under the mistletoe and make joy happen?… Hmm.. With your husband, lover, child, dog,  cat,  mom, or dad, get it?  Just twirl your partner and embrace the glory of the season, laugh until  you cry and  feel, just feel that  child-like sensation of pure light. .. And where is your “Buddy the Elf?” I know, some just don’t want to have one.. work with me, please, just please? And tell some grumpus in your life that you love them. Maybe, just maybe you don’t want to, but if they live alone in their grumpus life eating over a sink and going nowhere, well what will it hurt you to just be plain nice? I know starting today what I will do. I will smile at strangers wishing them happy holidays, I will write a special note on each card that I send. Each day I will say thank you to three individuals that have touched my life. After all it’s Christmas. If I do this now and get the pattern down, maybe just maybe I’ll continue throught th new year!


I want to give and recieve love this time of year. Why is it so important at Christmas? Don’t know, it just is.  Today as I snuggled under the covers I thought, hmm, just who do I say those three words to today. The list became long, so much so, that I had to bounce out of bed to make a list. Winnie, of course was on it and she knew it. She placed her Airewoof  paws around my neck and gave kisses. So Winnie gets the first “I love you” today.  And now I feel so good I might just have to increase that number to 4!


How does someone get stressed out about buying a tree? People do. I think it gives them one more outlet to stay in a place of limbo. Yesterday, I was near Lowe’s and it would have been easy to buy one there. I remembered how several years ago the tree I bought was too skinny and the guy sawing  and stuffing the trees in their plastic netting was overwhelmed and he broke the tree top off while he shoved it in my car. No problem I fixed it with wood glue and floral tape.

 Nope, I didn’t go there. Instead I went to the Optimist Club site as I have the past three yers and for $40.00 I now have a fat-bottomed tree that will hold all of my Christmas treasures and the money benefits kids in the community!  I will place the tiny hand carved angels on top and admire how they fly on the upper branches.  As I write this I anticipate lighting the candles on the tree as my mother did when I was young and as her parents did before her.

For one full month I will wake up reflecting on the joy and awe of the season!


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  1. Nicola permalink

    So many beautiful ideas, good luck with the pattern 🙂

  2. Hi Nicola – Thank you! I thought it was completely disjointed. I just needed to get the ideas out of my head. And I felt so happy. I called a grumpus and listened to the grumping said I loved you and realized that well… I need to continue to be honest. Thanks again!!!

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