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The Crazy Train (of Love)

January 21, 2012

How many times am I told that there are no coincidences. And how many times do I want to smack the person who says “let it be, it will all work out.” or “there are plenty of fish in the sea.” Instead I smile and nod while I fume inwardly thinking DO NOT PLACATE ME, I’M NOT A CHILD! This week I’ve been in my head too much thinking about things that just “aren’t meant to be.” So this is what happened. I met complete strangers who were on The Crazy Train.  I saw a man and woman arguing on King Street. She was quiet, he emotional and then he screamed at her. Why am I not good enough for you, why do you do this to me every time? She shook her head and said she was sorry and he burst into tears. Oh No, poor guy, he’s on The Crazy Train and it’s going 120 and it just hit a hair pin curve, I thought. She left him. She didn’t look sad. She looked confidant and stared me in the eyes. Crazy as batshit she said to me and walked off.

Then I was in the grocery store, the one I call the Dirty Kitty. I really like the cashier as she is always nice to me and is quite efficient. Last night began with a big smile and hello and she began ringing up my half and half and vanilla flavored coffee. My second choice, they were out of Hazelnut Creme. Then I saw her hands shake and I could feel her energy. Her body twitched and she took on a defensive stance. Oh no, she’s in trouble, I thought and I knew it had nothing to do with me. So I looked behind me and there was a somewhat handsome young man giving her a smile, much like the one that Adam gave to Eve before she abdicated to his wishes or his male junk. Oh no she says… You get the hell out of my f***ing line! Get the hell away from me. Get OUT! Now the  cashier needs her job, I know this. We have had quick conversastions. It is The Crazy Train that just pulled into her emotional station and onto the platform. Arms of the conductor of The Crazy Train just threw her in the last car and they are shuttling over a aqueduct and the boards and line are disappearing. She could lose it all. I leave wanting to avoid what will happen next. I shiver and get in the car and try to clear my thoughts.

Today I went for soup and crossed busy Meeting Street  to a locally owned restaurant, only to see a young girl making a phone call. The handsome male took my order and nervously looks to his female comrade. I stepped back. I know what’s going on. He has pleaded and cajoled her to call about someone and he’s ready to climb aboard. He hears the train’s whistle. He is almost there.  She hangs up and looks at him and me. Not her, she beams. She’s embarrassed. I said it’s ok, I know what just happened and I wink at both of them and say. It’s The Crazy Train. He smiled and said.. “She is so beautiful. I….” and when he said it I knew 100% how he felt. Smitten, Soul-mates, Twin-Flames. Some things are not meant to be.


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