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A Dog for Kate

February 9, 2012


Each Christmas I take two weeks off. In the past it was just to enjoy the holidays and be quiet and then 4 and 1/2 years ago I started  writing. I view it as my break; as you would in College. Oh, I get plenty done. I write and when it makes me crazy, I walk to gauge my perception of the Carolina Lowcountry. We all see it differently. And we see our lives differently. I get caught up with the Ava Maria’s, Bing etc. and all that music. But this past year was different. I’m cutting to the chase. I see myself as an Aunt to others. My beautiful twins next door and my beautiful twins a block away. AND THEN THERE WAS KATE.

This child is darling wand has great manners. She taught ME, about diabetes. A 6 year old who said on a walk with Winnie and the twins ” Is it ok if I come with you?” Me…”Why not?” Her “Well I have diabetes and some people get wierd.” Me as I looked at her in a princess dress with her blonde bob and a smile missing a tooth.. ” Winnie and I would be honored.” and so it went.

I feeling so joyous with my pack and Winnie, Winnie Bounce, Bounce led the way. I asked the girls to tell me stories and I remembered how important stories are to tell. The sky was setting and we met a man at the river with his son. Kate said ” I have diabetes.” I wondered if they could smell each other and he said “Me too.” They talked; my borrowed twins were  quiet and I was as well. THIS WAS KATE”S TIME.


Kate’s mom said Thank you. In my head I said nicht’s zu danken. I simply was walking Winnie and I needed the company of 3 little girls that make me remember how blissful childhood should be. Our adult brains should get this too!


Kate needs a therapy dog who will recognize the changes in her blood sugar and they are very, very expensive. If everybody just gave a little Kate will be on her way to bring Sprinkles home! I know it’s a lab or a retriever. This dog will love her and keep her safe. Please make a donation for A Dog for Kate!


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