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Heading towards Twilight

April 1, 2012

It is bedtime for some and I’m still finishing chores of the weekend. The sky is beautiful and I’m tired and heading towards twilight. It is a place that I have always enjoyed. I remember summers in Wyoming when twilight was very late and I was allowed up for whatever reason. My brother will read this and say you were such a brat! My sister will read this and remember to thank me in the morning; because when we were little we shared a room and a full – sized bed. That meant that when I finally went to bed at twilight her dark hair faced me as she was asleep. I never have asked my mother if she checked in on us; but, I’m sure she did. I would play asleep until that perfect western sky with the darkest of dark blue crayola crayon color would bliss the night and the stars would become over white. I would say goodnight then, and still will do this tonight. I will embrace that with the sun setting on the Ashley River and memories of other twilights in other places.

My mother is headed to her twilight years. She may live longer than me, because I could be in an accident tomorrow and well.. I must be dear to her even though I repeated myself for 30 minutes each in three different calls just today. I am grateful for all she does and I know I will probably be less good than her when I am her age.

It’s April 1st. I wish I were plain funny; but I’m not. Tonight, waiting for twilight I am grateful that the house is mostly clean, laundry is done, I have dinner from Earhfare, Winnie by my side and and my windows are open to breathe in the fresh air! If I am just good enough I will call next door to Anne Marie and the twins and I can hold my heart and wish good thoughts about Bella Luna to them, who comes right after twilight!


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