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Mayhem at the Vet Clinic!

April 7, 2012

Winnie, Winnie bounce, bounce is the love of my life. Like all Airedale Terriers she is curious and clownish. She is fast as lightning and when she jumps it is as if she has enormous springs attached to her paws. It’s not unusual for her to levitate quickly five feet in the air. Today on my lengthy to do list were these words. Winnie to Dr. P.

I was amazed at the many people and dogs that were crammed in the building. The floor was littered with mixed breeds, spaniels, labs, a retriever, a Boykin and assorted cats in their carriers. I lost count at 20 and then the noise started from my girl. She barked like a crazed bloodhound and continued barking, tail wagging as I shushed her to no avail. We checked in and soon there was a scuffle with Winnie and a black intact lab. He naturally stuck his nose under her tail and then she jumped five feet in the air and moved in circles in a glorious trapeze act. I scrawled my name and hers just seconds before it occurred. Finally I got her under control. I smiled at the crowd and none smiled back.

The barking started again and then she tried to bounce into the lap of a lady with a tiny animal; it might have been a hedgehog, who knows, that she took for small prey. I hustled her into the only vacant spot. Then there was a small black pug. GRRR… Grrr. GRRRR… Those were exactly his words. Before Winnie could slam him like a rodent I hoisted her out of the office amidst the legion of people who bestowed upon us the stink eye and the stick mouth. My girl simply smiled, barked and bounced the entire time.

I love my Winnie and should have been embarrassed, but I wasn’t. Once we landed at the dogpark she ran, jumped and played by herself; finding a tennis ball, she threw it in the air and caught it; again and again… and again. I laughed. Laughed about the grumpy group we had left behind and laughed thinking that with dogs and children, your plans change and that is not a bad thing. Besides, her energy and everything about Winnie is enchanting.

We returned to Dr. P’s in the afternoon and all went well; no tussels, just a little bit of barking and she and I made new friends. Everyone should have their own type of Winnie. To me she is the dearest creature that I could have in my life! Thank you Airedale Rescue group for my Lady Winifred of the Lake!!


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  1. Rick permalink

    Fooey on those grump-lumps. The folks at Ohlandt’s on Folly Road are usually a little more friendly. At least they are when I’m sitting there with Nakita the akita.

  2. Louise permalink

    Dear Valerie,
    Thank you for all the happy feelings that just filled my heart. We lost out beautiful Lab,Rosco last year on Easter. I have been feeling a bit lonely. Our visits to the Vet were not unlike yours and Winnie’s. Rosco loved to chat with all animals and because he was very tall and quite exuberant…..they weren’t always happy to see him. Not having a set plan for the day often invites the most interesting things to occur. I love how you think. Here’s to very bouncy times! Winnie may just have taught that first group a thing or two. Louise

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