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New Beginnings

April 16, 2012


My friend Katherine married her James today in a beautiful ceremony at Cypress Gardens. Having two children of her own she wanted to share her day with her friends and their families making it a delightful playdate of canoe rides and nature trails.  I began my day figuring out what to wear and then reminded myself that this was not my day and I shouldn’t fret about my looks. I donned a spring sundress under Winnie’s approving eye and added a light black cotton cardigan. I drove the 40 + plus minutes to Berkeley County with the sunroof and windows open listening to Bare Naked Ladies,  The Church, The Killers and such. No need for NPR and Saturday talk shows. I needed the energy of music and I had it on the dial tone. My eyes became sore as I drove through Goose Creek which has very limited zoning. Houses veneered in brick and vinyl are situated next to commercial buildings, and trailers that abut bars named the Whistle Stop and  cinderblock liquor stores bearing the three red dots.

And then I was in the country. I turned off of highway 52 and I embraced the view in front of me. It was as if the trees told me to be quiet and I did. I turned the volume down on the radio and I let the tree energy enter me. Ancient oaks bearing jewels of Spanish moss, new pines on slender stems grown up since Hurricane Hugo struggling for the light and a yew here and there. Yews – Podocarpus with a celtic meaning of rebirth and everlasting. It is spelled in that ancient language Ioho and pronounced E-yo.

I walked amongst friends I adore to the wedding site. We laughed and giggled and admired the baby alligators sunning on logs. I was amazed, yet again,taken aback, by the beauty of the lowcountry; the black tannin waters filled with cypress tress and their knobby knees. I was blissed. I knew I had been given a gift; especially when I saw lotus flowers floating in that black water which are symbolic of peace and love.


Dear Katherine – Now I Must Toast to You! I couldn’t articulate it in a toast, yesterday as I was overwhelmed with the joy that surrounded you and the splendour of the site. So here are my words – Good Luck, best wishes to you and yours! Happiness is your nature and I believe you have found your dream with James. The tenderness in his gaze brought tears to my eyes. You deserve this love as you have always been so generous to everyone with your heart which is so large, so giving and generous, ok I just said that; but it’s true! Thank you too, dearest, for amassing all that work so many years ago for the Cooper River District nomination. I applaud, as all should, your preservation efforts!

Everyone love’s Katherine darling girls, Isabelle and Olivia. They brought happiness to me yesterday, by remembering me and always being so loving and good! Olivia, sweetie, you may just be the youngest candidate for American Idol!


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