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To Elroy – A most magical dog

April 18, 2012


I met Elroy eight years ago – he was my friend Julie’s best familiar. half lab/half retriever he was one of the most amazing dogs, ever. I am a terrierphile or phobe; but I loved Elroy dearly. He was such a happy and curious dog and he loved me. He was a frequent and excellent guest. Sure he stole toys and ate Winnie’s food; but what dog doesn’t do that? I remember him finding me in a dressing room in Banana Republic on King Street; sticking his nose where it should be for him. Me? Not so much, but I smiled anyway!

I remember being with them on Sunday morning’s when Elroy would embrace “The Church of the Wave” off leash  on the beach at Sullivan’s Island. When I was in-between dogs, he was my borrowed pup and one that I embraced with all my heart. A dog’s love is unconditional. That was Elroy. He was bigger than any famous dog I know, like those from our childhood; and today. Enzo, Challou, Ole Yellar, please welcome Elroy. Beatrice, Rafe and Awen are there to greet you too! I could wax on about his many antics, his beautiful personality and the love he shared; but I will not. I will hold on to a mental image of Christmas Day of 2010 when he sat on his hind legs, front paws in my lap and comforted me, and loved me with his golden gaze and beautiful light blonde coat.

God night Elroy- You were the love of Julie, Winnie, me and countless others. You have left this earth and now you are on a path where we too will go. In a dream, I saw you watched by Franciscans, and surrounded by butterflies. Your scent is on Winnie’s best toy, that was Rafe’s before her. She has carried it with her and she knows, too that she must say dearest, loveliest, good night and good bye. Good night Elroy and always know the love you brought to all of us!


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  1. Oh, Valerie. I am so sorry for your loss.

  2. Louise permalink

    I understand every word, as I remember my dear ones….Smokey, Brandy, and most recently, Rosco. Dear family members.

  3. Could this be the same Elroy and Julie that I met at Sherry’s Wareplace Treasures in Pelzer, S.C.. Elroy came in the shop ahead of Julie the day after I had lost my lab. He came to me and it was as if he knew and he was such a comfort. The last time I saw him I let him pick out a toy. He was going through chemo and they never came back in after that day. I had to put my cat of 19 years down yesterday and thought of Julie and Elroy. So I just put in Julie and Elroy on the computer just to see. If this is the same Julie, tell her I miss her and so sorry about Elroy. He was a great dog, and he was here again to comfort me. Thanks, Darlene Gary Also I have a store now of my own, Vintage Lane Antiques and Garden near Sherry’s if this is her I would love to see her again.

    • Hi Darlene – Yes this is the same Julie and Elroy. Her number is (843)343-7267. She would love to hear from you!!!

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