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In Memorium of an Excellent Woman

May 12, 2012


It was Valentine’s Day 2000 when I began my job at Historic Charleston. I remember that Day vividly. I wore a beautiful black Italian pin stripe suit that I got on sale at Loehman’s and a pair of great black leather pumps. The most wonderful Jonathan Poston took me to the Aiken – Rhett House to introduce me to the staff and that’s where I reintroduced myself to Sharon Rabun. Four years earlier she had been one of my most stalwart and loyal volunteers at the Preservation Society of Charleston.

We always just clicked. She had a no nonsense attitude, followed directions and was gracious to all of our guests. She went above and beyond to make sure that policies were upheld and to use a term that I don’t use often; she always had my back. We have soldiered on together for these last 12 years and I always considered  her the General. She was large and in charge in the best possible way ever.


This past Tuesday, Sharon, I and the team had  an amazing day. While waiting for our last guests to leave around 5:15 she asked me “How’s that book thingy doing?” Me: You mean the video trailer? That’s it.”  Well, it has 2 typos, but it’s getting fixed, do you want to see it? “Yes.” I clicked the mouse and it began. After it finished she said “Did you write this?” Yes. ” Why, it’s beautiful.”  She hugged me and I hugged her. She told me how proud she was of me and the book and the second one that’s in progress. It meant so much. She said of Upper King Street “It is a love letter to Charleston”  She then said I love you, Valerie. I hugged her tall, solid frame and said I love you too. She then said “Make peace, it’s time.”

I knew exactly what she meant. I need to make peace with a certain someone that I used to know.


She died in her sleep on Tuesday night. When I heard about it I was so sad and cried so hard, yet I was so grateful for the day before which had been filled with success and happiness. To you dear Sharon, Thank You always for teaching me that I need to be a better person and work on my heart; to realize that we are all human and make mistakes and that LOVE and the sharing of that emotion is so very important.  Good Night Sweetheart!

As I hugged my borrowed twins today, I thought of her and I told them that I loved them many times. When I visited my Mother today for our Mother’s Day celebration that love was in my heart and I joyfully offered love and told her I love you over and over again. Thank you Sharon,  my General for being in my life!



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  1. Thank you! I love and adore you! I don’t tell that to many people…. Thanks!

  2. jackie stoner permalink

    Absolutely beautifully said, Valerie…very well done…

  3. Valerie, may you find peace in the wake of such loss. A lesson to let everyone in our lives know how much we care about them……when I do that now, I will think of Sharon.

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