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My City, My Love!

November 10, 2012

Last night I went to Moe’s with my very good friend Kevin. He picked me up in his red 1961 Mercedes 190 convertible and we drove under the stars to Moe’s, my neighborhood hang out. While there we talked as we always do about everything under the sun and I realized how much this friendship means to me. While there an acquaintance named Drew asked mt to write down the name of my novel “Upper King Street” for his friend sitting next to him. He told his friend that he thought his wife would like it! Very nice. On the short ride home, underneath the sky of clouds and stars, Kevin reminded me about the “Preservation Pedal” that was happening the next day and he told me we needed to do it.

I was up at 6:00 and was looking forward to the ride around my neighborhood that can no longer be called “the hood” We cycled and ran into old acquaintances and friends and met new like-minded people. I was grateful, simply to be in such great company. I was especially proud that the Preservation Society had asked Kevin to autograph copies of his book today. He deserved that kindness for all he has done for the upper peninsula!

My bike and I took a hiatus for 6 months. It just happened. Today I embraced my 10-year-old Giant like a well-known lover and I rode him hard. Thighs straining and all that. I navigated between the cars from our guests that visit from Vermont, New York, Ohio and Nebraska to name a few. In the end I found a gate I had never seen on Coming Street, an ornate doorway on Moultrie Court and I lavished in my City.. one that Sinclair Lewis and Oscar Wilde visited. It is not just fine.. but exquisite to me!


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  1. Louise K Hurd permalink

    Some how I missed this one. I could smell the air as I rode next to you. Thank you for that moment. I love “your” city as well. Have a wonderful day.

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