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Gifts and a date – nice!

December 2, 2012

I am so lucky in so many ways. Today is December 1st and I will embrace the Christmas holidays! Yay! And I have a date tomorrow with someone who I have a little in common. That used to matter before you know; having something in common together. Now I just want to go out with someone who is smart and polite. He seems to be just that!

I do not love people who are so attached to their phones that I have to kick their shins under the table to just pay attention to me or our conversation. Technology is fine but it spells more rudeness then I have ever seen in my life. Google it only if we can’t remember. Otherwise you are just an ass. So I’m going to test the waters with someone a lot younger who has gadgets but knows how to establish a relationship. Here goes. I’m jumping in the water head first and why not?

If nothing comes out of it so it goes, but maybe, just maybe I’m ready to jump in for a swim and manage the deep waters and not worry about riptides. And I will finally let loose the power of joy and damn I am good at that!! One thing for sure. It will add more fodder for this book or the one that is scratching at my door!


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