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Doing research ~ style

January 21, 2013

In July I decided to join; it was for research as I really didn’t know how it works. In my second novel I have Caleb searching for a love interest for his Aunt Abbie. Too get it right I had to do the work. I had no clue how crazy making this experience would be. The first week I was fielding over 150 e-mails. I could hardly respond to one without another e-mail zooming in. It was exciting and maddening and hilarious. There were evenings as I viewed the winks, read the profiles, etc that I lost all sense of time. And by October I had enough info for the book and didn’t realize that you are automatically signed up. I know someone is thinking it, because let me tell you I felt it, so here goes, Oh the horror!!!! Then it be came tedious and terrible in a sick funny way.

No, I didn’t find love via the internet, but I did have several nice dates and some absolute terrible ones. And as I write I’m laughing at all the great material which I will share over the next few months via blogs and through the new book.

What became poignantly clear is that there are an awful lot of people who have huge steamer trunks of personal… well… shit! There’s no other word to use; and people story. Storying is wrong. Embellish if you will, but don’t lie.
I learned from the experience and reminded myself again that true happiness comes from within and it doesn’t hurt when a person has an adorable crazy clownish Airedale terrier and the best friends and family in the universe. So watch out.. Some of these will make you laugh, some will make you groan, and some will just make you happy that you are alone!


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  1. Oh my. I cannot WAIT to read these.

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