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Matchmaker, matchmaker…

January 23, 2013

So the first week was crazy with too many e-mails. But, I fell in like with 3 men. Now I’m geographically challenged. I live in the most beautiful city in America and unless you live in Rome.. Well, you get it. So two lived in Florida and one in Ohio. The guy in Ohio caught my eye. He was just painfully handsome. I kept looking at his pictures in front of Hearst Castle and the Trevi Fountain and I thought maybe, well, just maybe, this is more than a research project!

The guy was in S. Africa on business. My crazy monkey mind saw endless possibilities. Now for those who know me money doesn’t matter really and diamonds are a cold stone that I’m not fond of.. But.. Why not seek something new and why not let go of other things, right?
It was lovely getting calls in the middle of the night and just a wee bit lovely and romantic on the first day.. On the second week I was apologizing as a woman for his cheating wife and all the cheaters in the world and it was exhausting.. because I have been cheated on.. and cheated when I was 20 and have never done that again.

After two weeks and yes, I was juggling my in – box, I said good – bye to him, a man who could speak fluent German, and said kind things in Italian; well I said good-bye to someone that loved art and history. I wished him that kindly on – line and prayed for his steamer trunks which seemed endless and I saw him packing an re-packing his life.

And I chose that night what was good for me. Howling at the moon with my girls, telling them and their mom thank you and I loved Winnie extra tight.. We are lucky in life when we have so much. I hope he will meet the one to love his so sad soul.


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