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January 27, 2013

So the first week was a little mind-blowing. All these attractive and unattractive men liking me, favoriting me and e-mailing me. IM is not my friend; I tend to try to think before I write, so it doesn’t go so well with me. So this handsome man from Florida e-mails me about 3 times a day which was nice, a wee bit annoying as yet again I was fielding what seemed like a gazillion e-mails a day which was more like 50. Anyway after the second week he was done with me.

He said I cheated. What? What? We have just spoken via e-mail. I’m not in a relationship with him and ya’ll know I kept it clean. He said he could view my “e-mail traffic” on IM and I was a cheater.
Well, that was that and I let him have it. Then he called me a lesbian. Then it got fun! I asked him why was he so angry and the IM continued and then I knew this was part of my research. Just terrible. I hear that people get blocked. I didn’t have to block him.

No. I didn’t have to block him. I told him I was not a cheater and I was a liberal voting for Obama. And so Jeff from Florida never contacted me again; and that was lovely!

All names have been changed to protect this writer from any crazy person with an attitude…


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  1. Louise Kanthack Hurd permalink

    To Jeff…not his real name….Seriously?What a goob.
    I’m already hooked. Can’t wait for the book.

  2. Some people. Sheesh!!

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