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Learning Humanity from 6 year old girls…

January 31, 2013

Winnie and I walk through Hampton Park almost every day and we are always thrilled when we have our borrowed twins with us. They are loving, silly, imaginative, and just plain fun. On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of this week Winnie and I walked alone. The first day she grabbed something in her mouth and I told her to drop it and she did. It was a dead mole and I was taken aback by its tiny little claws and furry body. I hoped that the next day that a park employee would just take care of it.

It was still there on Monday and again on Tuesday. Now I knew what to do, but I just couldn’t or wouldn’t touch its lifeless body. I didn’t want to place my hand on that; I just didn’t.

Today was a busy day and I was so joyous that the girls were with us that I forgot about the mole. The walk started out with hugs and then they were riding imaginary horses and they had changed their names to Cloudy and Sara. We entered the park and they saw the corpse. They both said that we should bury it and I said let’s walk first. I was hoping that the nice man who was reading a book as we passed would pick it up. I saw others go by; hopefully they would remove the remains. We walked back and there it was; as it had been when we entered.

The girls boldly said that we needed to bury the body and they knew I had a shovel at home. There was a great deal of discussion and I said mostly, nothing. Then Ava asked for Winnie’s poop bag to pick it up. She tried and then shook her brave head. I asked Anya if she wanted to pick it up and she said probably not, but we can’t leave it as it was the second dead animal we had seen in less than two weeks in the park. The other was a dead female duck; head dangling beneath the murky water of the pond.

I had to be a big girl and an adult so I placed the animal in the bag and Anya offered to carry it home. They helped me with the shovel and I dug a hole for Moley mole; that’s what they called him. With a silent prayer, I placed him in the ground. After I patted the dirt hard in place, the girls collected pink and white petals from the Japenese Magnolia tree and surrounded the circle where his body was buried. Then they made him a headstone and a stone for the foot; both written with a Sharpie on cardboard. They told me that we needed to honor Moley mole as he had been a living creature.

Looking at those twin faces I could not deny them for doing the right thing. I learned again tonight that they teach me every time we are together. So RIP Moley mole. There are three people thinking of you tonight.


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  1. I used to pee in mole holes when I was very small……..RIP Mole.

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