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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ~ My dating life on

February 3, 2013

Week three was as crazy as weeks one and two. I couldn’t manage the e- mails. I work, I’m involved withe community things and I write, which means I research.. Dear God! It was a week before my birthday and there was just too much going on. Allen from Allendale e-mailed me. He is 66. Hmm which means he’s probably 70.

He has a large pointed beer belly that in German we refer to as a “spitzboch.” He looks just terrible and he now wants a picture or pictures of me in my underthings?!? Yes ~ This was his first question.. Dear lord. Now Allen is delusional. I wouldn’t sent it!

So I wrote back and then I got plain pissed off. How dare he. He probably lies about everything … and there are polite rules about internet dating and he wasn’t following it.

Now I have me a box full of sugar as most of my friends have. I love clothes; imagine my love of delicate things.. It is just that..So I looked at that loot an realized that I am not desperate and I will never settle. Nope!

All names are changes as crazies are as they will be!


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  1. I met my husband via nine years ago. It was a wonderful romance with the guy that is just right for me. Along the way I met a few creeps and some guys that I didn’t like. All in all, I enjoyed the whole computer dating scene.

    • Good for you!!! It just didn’t happen for me. The good guys I met were 25 and 30 and just a little too young for me. The guys my age and older had tons of baggage!

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