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Date on week 3 ~ I will be a good date!

February 4, 2013

Oh boy, oh boy! yes! I have a date after sifting through has been’s, malcontents, cheaters, dirt bags and philanderers and steamer trunk carriers… I know what I have to do! Apply light make-up; choose a pretty dress that speaks to my fun-loving nature and to make sure that shoes are polished. I treated the date like a job interview.. I took all the forlorn CD’s out of my player and put on my go to girl.. Ingrid Michaelson! Yes! I know that I’m doing things for my book; but I’m now doing it for me too and why not; isn’t it healthy to just get out there??
Part of the excitement of the date is to look around the house and think how someone new might see it. So I patted my Winnie good – bye on the head and drove 1.5 miles to Mercato.
I loved the dress I was wearing. It was summer and this dress just screams Audrey Hepburn and I smiled; and embraced confidence and happiness. I looked around the room and waited and then ordered a glass of wine. I waited… and I waited…. and I waited some more…

He never showed and that’s how it goes! The good news? I get it. This is a game and I am doing research, remember? And Boy Howdy, I looked pretty for that date and I had polished all the rules to a shine; well good for me!!! His loss really,because I came home to the chocolate eyes of Winnie, Winnie, bounce, bounce…Today I am still laughing about it, the total randomness and the exitement I felt by breaking out!


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