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Trying to be kind …

February 10, 2013

Yay! It’s the weekend. I meditated, played with Winnie and embraced a beautiful day. Cleaned… and postponed yard work and then paid it forward. I’m mailing a book to a lady in Illinois! She answered a correct question on my facebook page. I’ll be doing that once a month and who doesn’t want to win something?

I walked Winnie, Winnie, bounce, bounce twice; she can’t help her clownish nature tugging the lead and making me laugh like a child. Later I went to get my hair cut and a man appeared at my car as I went to leave. Carleton. He does yard – work for a living. He had that look… Desperate, sad, and I will mow and edge your yard for twenty dollars, please? It made me so sad. I said sure,Carelton, and I smiled at him and meant it.

So mowing the yard and tending what used to be a crazy garden patch was on the agenda tomorrow. But, now, I think I need to be reflective and grateful for all I have and all I know.. Thank you Carleton.. for reminding me that I have more than enough and I should be so grateful for all I have!


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