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David Singleton ~ An Everyday Hero

July 21, 2013


Like so many of my friends and colleagues, I was devastated to hear about David Singleton’s death. How does one articulate the grief, the surprise and the realization that a friend is gone?

 A friend that was larger than life, one that touched everyone and everything with kindness and true joy. A man who made no apologies for who he was; but rather embraced life every day as we all should. A man who touched everything with grace and beauty. David was hilarious and made me embrace my inner child. I am not alone. With a fabulous smile and a sparkle in those blue eyes – it always seemed as he was up to something and he was including you, c’mon, c’mon you can do it.. in a good way.  We were co-conspirators in a happy army that believed in truth, beauty and justice. Smart, witty, charming, handsome and just so darn nice; that was David. He gave and gave from his heart always. And that heart gave out on Friday night. He left us all bereft and far too soon.


Why did everyone love David? Those that knew him will start the list by counting fingers and toes and run out of digits to count.  He touched everyone with his passion for his faith, his love of Charleston, his happiness that could not be contained and his ability to turn something that was pretty into something that was exquisite beyond words..


We will all keep him alive, there is no option for that. When someone is so good, so faithful, so true, so honest and dear  there is no way that he can be forgotten. His spirit will cling to us forever reminding us to find beauty in every little thing and to find the power of joy inside our souls.


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