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Butterfingers = happiness

September 22, 2013


Today I mailed my monthly package to my Aunt in Germany. I was greeted in the Mt. P post office by my favorite postal employee; Gene. He’s so friendly and nice and he asked me what I was mailing. I was told last month that you need to fill out a detailed customs report and as I looked at my writing I wondered if the he couldn’t decipher my small cramped print on the form that said one bag butterfingers candy bars. I told him that I shipped these on a regular basis and he looked a little surprised.

He said “Have you ever been to Germany, because they have great chocolate?”

“Yes”, I said.”Many times in fact and yes they have great chocolate.”

Hmm.. He said.

I responded with a smile and a laugh and told him this abbreviated story.


My Aunt fell in love with Butterfingers as the American Army was liberating Germany. She and my mother were teenagers walking home from school when a truck lumbered by and young G.I.s called twins, twins and threw a box to them. The girls looked up and the soldiers motioned for them to take it. They hauled their loot home and opened it and it seemed as if there were a thousand butterfingers in front of them. They were starving, their father was a POW in Russia and this generous gift from strangers was a  grand diplomatic gesture to  the women in that household; the twins, their mother and their housekeeper Christiana.


It takes almost a month for the package to arrive. I spend three or four dollars for the bags of mini butterfingers and it costs me sixteen dollars and some change to mail it. It’s worth every penny. There was nobody behind me and now Gene told me about his own life in Germany while he was in the service. Do you know Schwabisch Hall with it’s timbered and baroque buildings? I really enjoyed the beer fest in Stuttgart and that pretty church downtown, do you know it? I really loved Switzerland. There are the Alps with the train to the top, do you know it?

I smiled and laughed and in my head I was 13, 15, 20 and older. I had been to all of those places. I said then, the mountains were the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau and you went to the Jungfraujoch. It’s all so very beautiful!

As I left the counter I thanked Gene for his excellent customer service, I thanked him for the memories and he said don’t you worry it will get there in seven to ten days. I know better and that is why my sister and I have a plan when we mail our packages packed with some kind of brittle coated with chocolate.

I will end this by saying that six of my favorite men have been traveling to my favorite places and posted pictures and I now feel the circle is complete this day! True happiness is when you look back, recognize what everyone has given you and you say thank you and pay it forward!




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