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The Church of your Heart

November 3, 2013


Yesterday, I went to the Pig on Meeting Street to say good – bye to my friends for a week before they open as a Bi – Lo. I expected it to be packed and it wasn’t. What I didn’t expect was the rude lady in front of me. She was bossy, condescending and strident to the cashier. Hurry up, she said in a loud voice. I need to take this to church.


There was no kind or loving way about her. She snarled; looked absolutely miserable and if there was  love in her heart it was about her doing good by her church. It was about her.  This is not what I think about church..



I believe in so many churches. The church of the wave, the church of the bower, the church of the sky. The church of empathy, kindness and love… This lady made me realize that my church is good for me… By the way she turned to me as she left; hung her head in horror and said those jeans are too young for you… Well give it up lady.. Maybe you should just  be kind or better, get a filter.. Possibly church isn’t  what you need… And then I said a prayer for her and one for myself as I realized I just became preachy…


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  1. Yes, church is in your heart, your soul, whatever brings you to love. Thank you for this blog.

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