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I will be thankful…

November 20, 2013

This has been a hard year. People have been dying right and left, getting sick; my world has been too much. I try not to mullygrub, but today I did and I did it a lot. I mullygrubbed about every challenge that I could have seen as an opportunity. I just couldn’t see it. There was a bright blue sky with great clouds and I resented it and the clouds that were shaped liked angels and animals. I wanted it to be like the feelings inside of me. Feelings of sadness, remorse, fear… oh I hate you fear… I wanted everything to be dementor gray.. But, that is not how life works.

This evening is the first time I have ever not wanted to go to the park with my borrowed twins. I didn’t want to vote either and I didn’t want to go to the grocery store to shop for my dish for our work thanksgiving meal. It all changed. My bad attitude that is. The twins told me that we were walking. Ok – being with them and Winnie is better than chocolate… I started thinking while they chattered on, why I needed to be grateful. Sweet girl energy and the crazy Winnie energy and I was back on track.

Minh loves America and I love Minh and the fabulous Annette, who is his wife! Every year we give thanks at work with a pot luck with Minh cooking, frying, baking hams and turkeys.. and we bring side dishes! So I had the girls to remind me that life is so worth living, I voted and now the casserole is done..


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