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3 eyes not burning – The challenges of cooking!

November 24, 2013

When I bought my ersatz Tudor cottage in Wagener Terrace many moons ago I was awarded a gas range of suspect age.. It worked and even though it was outdated I embraced not buying a new appliance. For those of you who love to cook, you know the beauty and happiness that gas ranges offer. Two years ago the oven door went catywampus, the week before Thanksgiving.. I would have to hit it just right with my hip to close it.

Yes… I tried closing it with my hand, but nothing worked. I had to pivot just right and then.. a knob broke off.. I have needlenose pliers and that worked just fine and then this week a burner just refused to burn correctly so I tapped it lightly with a rubber tipped mallet as I had been instructed by a repair guy a gazillion suns ago. I heard it, a small sounding crack. Oh dear God, I thought. I lifted the lid and the innards of my stove were in a state of patina, like the ones in Pompeii maybe, and one of the lines had cracked. It was time to say good – bye honey, thank you for the memories of paella, the many dinner parties, the red – neck broccoli casserole that you cooked up last week and for being a cherished partner for all those fab dishes that I dream up! You gave at least 30 years of service, maybe 40! Holy Toledo Westinghouse, you did provide!

Sometimes, I’m so frugal that I make an eagle scream. Yesterday I spent several hours looking for the replacement range on line and toodled to Lowe’s today. Katie was so helpful and while there I bought a fridge too as my current one is just a disaster. I’m sick of making culinary delights with appliances the Clampett’s would have lived with before they struck it rich. I am now anticipating the appliances as I would a 30 something lover!

5 burners… 5 burners.. Oh happiness, did I say 5 burners???


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