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Happy St. Nicholas Day!

December 7, 2013


The sixth of December has always been the beginning of Christmas for me. As a child my Aunt who lives in Germany sent us advent calendars every year. Not like  the ones that we get in America with chocolate, but with beautiful images of Christmas. The doors when opened were filled with angels, stars and a host of images. Each morning there was an unexpected gift of opening the doors and viewing what was inside. The sixth of December was when St. Nicholas or Santa Claus came and if you were good you received treats or a small gift. If not coal and switches were your lot. My siblings and I never received the latter; probably because we were so keen about the joy at Christmas. That’s not to say  that “I” was good, because, well, I was a challenge.


 So tonight, after a busy and fulfilled week, I’m finishing up the living room and planning the tree for tomorrow which will have so many ornaments from so many places and so many people. My favorites still are those from two generations ago; they include blown glass that’s survived over 100 years and erzegebirge angels. I love these with their green and white  polka dot wings and white tunics!


Carols are on, the music of Handal now; and Bing and Mahalia will sing tonight while I joyfully reminisce. Poor Winnie. Yes… She is wearing the Santa hat. In Germany at Christmas, the Christ child or Kristkind bears the gifts on Christmas Eve… And there is always a bell that rings to let you know that he was there!


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