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The gift of the Palmetto Rose

December 20, 2013

palmetto rose


Last night I listened to “A Christmas Carol” on NPR.. It inspired me to think that I am grateful, are you? And as I wound the scarf around Winnie’s neck I thought, how can I give, really how can I? The food bank; what else? I have clothes in my closet that are slightly new and hip and I can donate some of those.. I will give that and some more..


I met a young man at the post office, he might be ten; he didn’t have a good day of selling his Palmetto Roses. I bought one a couple of years ago and he said “I remember you, you were so nice to me!” This one is free. I have never been so happy to have five bucks in my wallet which I gave to him and I took the smallest rose.


I told him… this is a craft, a beauty and I hugged his small frame and he hugged me and then I whispered in his ear.. “Don’t ever give up, don’t you ever give up and that sweet kid said..” I know, I won’t.” and the he smiled.


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  1. Louise Kanthack Hurd permalink

    I shed a tear of joy for that one.

  2. Thank you Louise – With mom’s illness I try to find happiness on a daily basis. Sometimes it is just not easy…

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