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December 25, 2013

It’s Christmas Eve ~ I’ve munched enough lebkuchen to the point that I am on a sugar high. I’ve revisited five years of journals about Christmas… and I have listened to a host of carols… waiting and wishing for something, I know not what…


At 12:30 my borrowed twins came to me and we walked Winniedeer with her antlers on. She was not shy or unhappy; because her girls kissed her and hugged her and said with genuine laughter “You are Winniedeer” as they pushed that made from china headdress on her head! We met people in the park who wanted to pet the dog who pulls the sleigh…They stayed for hours and made me laugh and realize that yet again, I have been ungrateful. The high voices of children teach me that I need to take it up a notch. Thank you my sweet angels!

Finally I’m writing, working on a book that is too big for me.. too complex and complicated and I am grateful for my sad characters to be in the Eternal City at Christmas.. I look at my tree and hope next year Winnie and I will have finished it and be working on another! Happy Christmas!!!!


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