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Embracing my New Normal

October 28, 2014

This year has been filled with harsh realities, saying good – bye and learning an appreciation for life. Three people that are close to me will say good – bye to the world in the near future. I have struggled, cried and in the end soldiered on; because that is what we all must do. We do the best with the knowledge that we fail daily and hope that each new day will bring a hello from the sun and a goodnight from the moon. We listen and act accordingly, hoping that we can share what we have learned and we love our family, friends, dogs and cats. Anything to get through. This is life.

I went to Germany recently to say auf wiedersehen to my beloved aunt and uncle. In my head they have always been larger than life and generous to a fault. At the age of 13 for my birthday they took me to The Castle of Chillon so I could see what Byron saw.. then there were trips to Paris, London, Salzburg, Munich and I know not where before I was 18. This time I flew to Europe and visited only them in a nursing home and it was enough. The three of us could recreate the trips through our imagination and memories.

I have been home for one week and realize that every day I have on this earth must be held tightly in my embrace. I have such an understanding of future loss and I promise to love life and let go all the things that hold me back.


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